Distributor Autopay

Join the #ASaferWayToPay movement.

Ready to transition all your retailers to autopay? To start collecting safer payments, simply direct them to go.fintech.com/distributorautopay, or Fintech.com!

Many of our distributors have found success by also displaying the digital enrollment form on their website; you can see examples below.

Safer for you. Safer for your retailers.

Now more than ever, you understand the importance of keeping your customers and team safe and your business running efficiently. Through Fintech autopay for alcohol deliveries, your workforce can practice critical social distancing procedures without sacrificing the service for which your team is known.

Keep Your Workforce Safe

Autopay helps your teams practice social distancing procedures and reinforces the safety of your workforce, suppliers, and retailers. Fintech’s seen an almost 500% increase in retailer requests for autopay as distributors move to a safer option.

Eliminate Cash, Checks, and Money Orders

Utilizing autopay adds a layer of protection for your employees and customers and reduces the security risks associated with collecting and managing large amounts of cash, checks, or money orders.

Speed Up Deliveries

Never waste time chasing or collecting payment for COD or term invoices. Autopay reduces delivery times by an average of 15 minutes per stop, so your drivers can get back on the road quicker.

Save Time and Money at the End of Each Day

Autopay reduces end-of-day expenses associated with driver check-in, payment processing, and deposit preparations.

Decrease Invoice Inquiries from your Retailers

Fintech gives your retailers access to an online portal where they can view line-item invoice history, thus decreasing phone calls and emails to your team.

Adopt Autopay for Long-Term Benefits

Autopay brings your business closer to a touch-free process and makes it easy for your retailers to transition to electronic payments for free.

Additional benefits include:

  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Better control over accounts receivable
  • Add new retailers through the Fintech portal
  • Simplified credit management through the Fintech portal
  • Improved invoice record reconciliation

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"Collecting signatures is a much more efficient use of my drivers' time than chasing down the person with the checkbook. As a self-distributing brewery, every little bit helps and Fintech helps a lot!"

- Confluence Brewing Co.

Adding Retailers to Your Autopay Program

Ready to add retailers to your Fintech autopay program? Check out these simple instructions to set up any Fintech retailer through your online portal.

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