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An Easy Way to Enroll Retailers in Autopay



Leverage the absolutely free distributor e-Vite tool to invite your retailers to pay you electronically.


- Eliminate manual autopay enrollment processes

- Use on any mobile device with no app downloads

- Send e-Vite to your customers in less than a minute

- Track enrollment status of each retailer







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Customer List Analysis

Fintech compares your customer list to our retailer database to identify potential relationships with existing Fintech clients, Distributor EFT clients, chain retailers, and even non-Fintech clients.

Fintech Incentive Opportunity

Implement the e-Vite tool and create a program that Fintech co-ops 50/50 to drive enrollments. The program generates an average of 300% increase in enrollments!

Tom Fox Sales Coaching

Fintech offers free training resources delivered through Tom Fox Sales Coaching. Educate your organization on the benefits of Fintech for your teams and your customers.

More Accounts = Greater Savings

Leverage automated payments with all your alcohol retailers and watch your savings grow!

See e-Vite in Action

See how real Fintech distributors leveraged the e-Vite tool during 60-day incentive programs to drive retailer enrollment in automated alcohol invoice payments. 

Watch a recap of our webinar from 2.24.22 below.


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